giving a damn,
making a difference

giving a damn,
making a difference


This website is for people and organizations with an interest in workplace ethics: to promote workplace ethics, improve the organization’s ethical status, manage ethics more effectively, build an ethical culture or learn more about ethics in the workplace.
While the current prominence of ethics stems mostly from regular reports of ethical scandals, there is an upside to this focus - namely that organizations considered to be ethical will increasingly enjoy a range of benefits. These include, amongst others, greater customer loyalty, increased investor confidence, easier access to capital and the ability to attract top talent - all of which translate into greater competitive advantage.

Measuring, monitoring and reporting on workplace ethics

The management dictum that ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’ is not strictly true but it is much easier to manage what you can measure. This is particularly pertinent for workplace ethics which is often regarded as somewhat intangible. Accurately measuring an organization’s ethics... Read more..

Ethics consulting

Addresses a range of initiatives in pursuit of an ethical culture, such as ethics strategy and goal setting; social and ethics committees; clarifying and leveraging the organization’s values; reviewing and updating ethics codes and policies; and embedding ethics in a performance management system. Read more..

Ethics talks, workshops and training

Are valuable tools to build and maintain ethical awareness and to promote an ethical culture. We offer a range of talks for staff functions, conferences and seminars. We also design and deliver workshops, customized ethics training, ethics awareness programmes, CPD ethics courses and web-based ethics training programmes. Read more..

Ethics publications

support our ethics work. This includes Cynthia Schoeman’s ethics books, Ethics Can (2014), Ethics: Giving a Damn, Making a Difference (2012), our ethics guide, An Employee’s Guide to Workplace Ethics (2011), and our quarterly ethics newsletter, Setting the Example.
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Some of the leading organisations have used our services to improve their ethics ratings.
Here is what some of them had to say.

“The Ethics Monitor survey reliably assesses workplace ethics and enables accurate ethics reporting. It provided valuable insight into our ethical performance and has improved the effectiveness of our ethics management. Monitoring our ethical performance annually via the Ethics Monitor survey has helped to further improve our ethical status, and we are very proud to have achieved a AA ethics rating this year.”

Angela Oosthuizen CEO, Institute of Directors in Southern Africa

“The Ethics Monitor performed an ethics performance assessment for the Scheme in 2014. The Scheme extracted significant value from the recommendations formulated by the Ethics Monitor and these serve as basis for the current revision of the Scheme’s ethics management programme.”

Jeannie Combrink Executive: Governance and Compliance, Government Employees Medical Scheme

“The Ethics Monitor survey is a valuable addition to our ethics initiatives and the quantitative results provided meaningful insights into our ethical performance.”

Renske Coetzee Head of Human Resources, Redefine Properties Limited

“Conducting the Ethics Monitor survey amongst our employees and key stakeholders provided us with an excellent understanding of our ethical status and areas of ethical strength.”

Marius Muller CEO, Pareto Limited